Credits and Appreciation

My deepest thanks to everyone who has encouraged and assisted us in getting this far. We have so much farther to go but this is an excellent beginning.

Special gratitude to Mira Furlan for being a little daring in accepting a project like this and being so gracious about it.

Mark Graue studios in Los Angeles for hosting Ms. Furlan and mixing the voice and music tracks.

Mark Petrie who let me cherry pick instrumentation for his score without complaint.

Janet Casey for arranging all of our LA contacts and much more to come I am certain.

Special thanks to Jeff Fialky, Esq., for not laughing me out of his office and for introducing me to many of the people who have made this project possible -- some of which he didn't even bill me for.


Justin Adams, Josh Kao, Erin Arik and James DonVito for their creativity and hard work on much of the initial concept art. Not all of it made the cut guys, but it all contributed.

Layne Karkruff for reworking the Chaos Rose.

Gerardo Surzin for his amazing landscapes.

Tom Martin, my closer, for tweaking things to within an inch of their lives and taking a beating well.

Holly Rorke for her breathtaking rendition of the Queen. and terrific sources of inspiration and talent.


Stefan Peev, for the company logo animation and for thinking big: Stay in school, graduate, come work for me.

Adrian Hofman at DIS for the Intro which killed a few animators before him, probably scarred him for life and very nearly did me in too.

Lisa Kretchman for the artfully cunning flash embellishments to the site landscapes.


DIF Design, for the structure and implementation of the website - namely Peter Ellis for putting up with me and doing the work even though he thinks I'm crazy and Dennis Driscoll for showing surprising enthusiasm which may be what convinced Peter to go along with this is the first place.

Erin Watson, the love of my life, who I recall looked at me askance when I first broached the topic, but came not only to believe, but to push, cajole, support, critique, guide and contribute - who may still have harbored doubts and reservations until she first heard Ms. Furlan reading what we had written together - and actually wept.

My daughter, Riandeau, to whom it may not have occurred this ambition was utter folly. Your dreams don't chase you, my dear, unless you chase them first.

To *NOR/ . . . you know who you are.

Bo, Khaei, Koram, Litea, Alex, Hunter, John, Jr., Dalton (Bug), Tatsukki, Roxanne, Zifnab, Haileyan (my right hand) and many, many others:

This my friends is quite literally for you.