Privacy Policy

1. Scope:

Rogue Planet (hereinafter “Rogue Planet” or “we” or “us”) respects your right to privacy, and we are committed to safeguarding the information we collect from you. As a result of our dedication to privacy and security, we have developed the following Rogue Planet Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") to explain how we collect, utilize, disclose, and protect your information in connection with the use of our website services. This Privacy Policy extends only to information collected through our website.

2. Updates/Revisions:

Rogue Planet reserves the right to update or revise this Privacy Policy at any time it sees fit. If Rogue Planet makes a significant change to our Privacy Policy, we will disclose the modification under “Changes to the Privacy Policy.” Your use of the website after any published change signifies your consent to the application of the revised policy to all information contributed before or after the date of such changes.

3. Information Collected About You:

The information collected about our customers is a combination of personal information and demographic information (collectively, “personal information”).

1. Personal Information: Information collected to identify you, which may include your name, address, telephone number, or email address. If you do not consent to our collection of your Personal Information, your access to our website may be restricted.

2. Demographic Information: Non-personal, anonymous information such as age, date of birth, gender, hobbies, interests, zip/postal code, country, favorite games, et cetera. If you do not consent to our collection of your Demographic Information, your access to our website may be restricted.

4. Collection & Use of Personal Information

1. Why do we collect personal information? We request personal information in order to respond to requests and provide services to our customers that we think will be useful. We seek to provide visitors to our website with a customized Internet experience, and obtaining certain personal data about our customers furthers that goal.

5. Disclosure of Personal Information:

Rogue Planet will neither sell nor rent Personal Information to third parties, but please be advised that we may share your Personal Information with associated vendors with whom we enter into a business relationship, in order to aid us in the provision of user services, such as: user support, email message deployment, data processing, and distribution of special offers. Third parties will not retain, store, or share any personal information; the information provided will only be used by that third party in reference to our services, and not for any other purpose.

In addition, Rogue Planet may disclose Personal Information under the following circumstances:

6. Network & Information Security:

It is our priority at Rogue Planet to privacy and security to our customers. To ensure that your information is adequately protected, Rogue Planet uses all reasonable precautions to securely maintain all information provided to us by our customers. Rogue Planet is not responsible for any breach of the reasonable security measures installed to protect said information. In addition, Rogue Planet is not responsible for the privacy policies of any site linked to, or from, Rogue Planet.

If you forget your user name or password, we will verify your identity by sending an email to the address that you have provided to us in your account profile.

7. Use of Personal Information by Third Party:

Rogue Planet provides access to third party websites via web links posted to our website. Following an external link will effectively remove you from our website, and Rogue Planet is not responsible for the content of any third party website. Your use of a third party website is subject to the terms and conditions of that site, and is not governed by our Terms and Conditions. Rogue Planet is providing external links for your convenience only, and we do not endorse or control any aspect of a third party website.

In addition, we may ask that you consent to the release of your personal information to third parties affiliated with us, and also with those whom we are not affiliated, such as advertisers who wish to send information regarding their products and services to our customers.

8. Children’s Privacy Policy:

This website is not directed to individuals under the age of eighteen (18). Individuals must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to register for a user account.

Rogue Planet may ask prospective users of the website to submit their date of birth in order to assess whether each such user meets the age requirement. Users who indicate that they do not meet the age requirement will not be permitted to create a user account.

9. Privacy Questions, Comments, or Concerns:

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your privacy, please contact us via [provide contact information, such as email, phone, address, et cetera]. We are committed to providing you with secure access to our website, and we welcome contact from our Customers in order to better serve you.


The Gaming Policy Supplement is in addition to the Terms and Conditions. Please read the Gaming Policy Supplement carefully prior to completing your registration. By registering for a user account, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions as well as this supplemental policy. If you do not accept and agree to all terms, please cancel the registration process.

1. Cookies, Web Beacons, and Tags:

1. Cookies

We use technology commonly referred to as ‘cookies’ to accumulate information regarding your site visits. This information is not used in connection with identification of specific users or visitors. It is stored in cumulative form and used in a variety of ways, including:

You have the option of disabling cookies on your computer; however, doing so may prevent you from navigating certain features of this website. In the alternative, you may change your browser settings to select the option of having your computer ask for permission to enable cookies upon entering our website. This will enable you to block all cookies except under certain circumstances.

2. Web Beacons

The Rogue Planet Website may contain electronic files known as ‘Web Beacons,’ used to send cookies so that Rogue Planet may count those registered users who have visited our website and to offer co-branded services. In addition, Web Beacons may also be distributed in promotional e-mails, to ascertain whether users have opened the email message.

3. Tags

Tags allow users and visitors to search for threads with comparable features and themes. Tags complement the normal search system, which searches only for certain words or phrases and/or posts by specific users.Tags are applied when a user adds words or phrases to threads to depict the content you are seeking more clearly.

2. Gamertags and Nicknames:

When a user account is created in order to download and upload games from our website, you will be asked to create a ‘gamertag.’ In addition, you may be asked to pick nicknames to use when participating in certain interactive games. The purpose of these gamertags and nicknames is to display your game statistics and make your presence known to the other players. Please do not use your personal information as your gamertag or nickname, as it will be publicly displayed to other users who are playing the same game. You may opt out of or limit the sharing of your gamertag or nickname; however, doing so may restrict or prevent you from accessing certain pages of our website and certain games you may wish to play.

3. Service Statistics:

Rogue Planet collects information about your website usage, including such data as when you sign in or off, games that you have played recently, purchases you have made, and your high scores. Personal information is not collected or disclosed in relation to service statistics.

4. Anti-Cheating:

At Rogue Planet, we seek to provide our visitors and users with a fun-filled and fair experience. As such, information about your site usage, including information about the computer that you use to access our website, will be collected so that we may monitor your activity to detect cheating. If we detect that you may be using certain software, including but not limited to what are referred to as ‘cheat reports,’ Rogue Planet will take enforcement action in the form of suspending or re-activating your account.

5. Accessing Your Information:

You can edit or update your personal account profile at any time by selecting [for example, privacy settings, my profile, edit profile, options, et cetera; choose one].