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The players are survivors of an extraordinary conflict that have fled to the remote world of Exis. Unable to bring much with them, they must essentially begin anew rebuilding a civilization.

Players will form communities, establish community sites, erect common buildings and share in the resources they all produce. Unlike other social games, players share a common 'screen' on their map window - providing the capability to interact not only with their individual holdings, but also those commonly held by their community.

Introduction Improvements
Character Resources
Attributes Refinements
Abilities Tools
Experience Skills
Settlements Communities
NPCs Terrain
Events Animals
Travel Map

The game represents an extremely 'scaled-down' version of the parent title, Exis (MMORPG). This has been done in order to 'inoculate' players to some of the more radical departures from traditional game conventions such as the absence of 'class' or 'level' as well as build a foundation of brand recognition. It will serve as a test to determine whether or not the central design concept of the parent title is tenable and provide incentive to play Exis: Founders with ability for players to retain their accumulated wealth and experience from this mini-game that they may transferred to the parent title upon its release.